*It's evening by the time John gets to look at his paperwork. After the hectic business of the final day of parliament, the drive to Buckingham and rushing between constituency meetings seems serene in comparison. John had bundled a stack of papers into bright blue carrier bags and thrown them on the back seat before he'd kissed Sally goodbye. The children were still asleep when he had left but he'd see them later in the week.*

*He had gone to the car in his slippers and moth-eaten jumper and nodded politely at the neighbours as he fumbled in the back for his luggage. He returned to the living room with the papers, Radio 3 playing something inoffensive and unmemorable.*

*It was a good half an hour until he saw an envelope hidden among the drafts of election material and out of date order papers. John recognised the handwriting and frowned in confusion. Why was Peter sending him a letter?*

*Ever cautious, John takes the unopened letter through to the kitchen and draws out a protective circle in salt on the counter top. He places the envelope in the centre and carefully opens it.*

*No demons escape. He can't see any hexes springing forth. There doesn't seem to be any potion leaking onto the side. John opens the envelope wider and takes a look inside it.*

*There is a card. Just a card. John pulls it out of the envelope to examine it.*

*YOU ARE TOTALLY SCREWED the card reads. John rolls his eyes and opens it anyway.*

*He is taken aback at the contents. In addition to the printed message, the other man has scrawled "Try not to embarrass yourself - Peter" in one of the hidden folds.*

*John suddenly feels bad for removing Peter's thumbs.*

*He tidies up the kitchen and goes back to the living room, the radio forgotten. It takes him a while but eventually he composes a reply.*

Text from 078## ######


Have just found your note. Thank you. In Buckingham. Reference should you need it.

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