06 July 2015 @ 06:20 pm

FROM:John Bercow <BERCOWJ@parliament.uk>
TO:Members of the House of Commons;
CC:Staff of the House of Commons; Parliamentary Staff;
SUBJECT:Emergency Debate

Dear colleagues,

I am almost certain that honourable and right honourable members have been made aware of the changes to tomorrow's scheduling, but just in case anyone was missed out, I thought it prudent to alert the whole House to the recent update:

There is to be an emergency three hour debate on the proposed changes to standing orders, colloquially known as "English Votes for English Laws" or "EVEL". This debate has been granted as a response to Alistair Carmichael's application on the subject and the subsequent show of support for the motion that the House expressed. I do hope that all interested parties are now able to fully express and debate the wishes and concerns of their constituents on the matter.

If any member has an issue with regards to the emergency debate that they would like to be seen to, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Speaker's Office.


John Bercow
Speaker of the House of Commons

John Bercow MP
House of Commons
020 7219 6346

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