12 October 2012 @ 03:37 pm
*It's the charity swim tomorrow and as much as John tries to relax, he can't. With over £2500 of donations on his webpage already, he can't afford to mess this up. He contemplates going to another swim, getting in some last minute training, but decides against it; all the advice he has been given and actively sought out told him that would be the worst thing for him to do today.*

*John sighs. A healthy does of pasta and vegetables for dinner followed by an early night and then he would be ready. He just had to make it through the rest of today, preferably relaxing.*

*He thinks that, perhaps, his relaxing will be aided when Vince arrives. The other man is usually a calming and reassuring presence, and John hopes today will be no different. Midway through the conversation, however, Vince compliments Peter on his research and suggestions for alterations to the cure potion, a few of which Vince hadn't caught when doing him own assessment. John, confused, asked for more details. He discovers that the day before, Vince had received a number of pages from Peter suggesting better ways to achieve some of the potion's outcomes - something that, evidently, had taken Peter a great deal of researching to conclude.*

*Distracted for the rest of the conversation, John eventually says goodbye to Vince.*

*How in Merlin's name had Peter been able to do all that research? It was a question that needed answering and so John made his way to Peter's cell once more.*
27 April 2012 @ 12:47 pm
In case any honourable or right honourable members are interested, my wife and I are taking part in Stonewall's Equality Walk in Brighton on May 6th to raise vital funds to tackle homophobic bullying in Britain’s schools. If you wish to donate, our JustGiving page is here.

Along similar lines, I am giving a lecture regarding international LGBT equality and human rights on the 16th of the same month for The Kaleidoscope Trust. Tickets are available here for any and all interested parties.