11 April 2014 @ 11:51 am

*John had considered texting Peter his apologies the previous evening, but had ultimately thought better of it. By the time Chris had left - after dinner and a number of Parliament stories to the children which had them drifting off to sleep suspiciously quickly - John had wanted nothing more than to climb in to bed and try to sleep. As such, John didn't get around to talking to Peter until the following morning.*

Text from 078## ######


Thank you for the tactful way you handled last night.

If you aren't busy any time soon, perhaps we could attempt to have that drink again?


*Not expecting a reply for a good few hours (if at all - Peter was in the habit of just appearing at John's home without warning from time to time), John got himself ready for work. Yesterday was a big day, for Nigel personally but also for a great deal of the man's colleagues as well. It was going to take a while to get past the lingering awkwardness.*

10 April 2014 @ 07:19 pm
I am sure that everyone has seen the news by now. If not, I will direct you in this location.

I hope all honourable and right honourable members will treat Nigel with the respect he deserves.

Please ignore the donations scandal behind the curtain...
11 September 2013 @ 12:49 pm
FROM:John Bercow <>
TO:Members of the House of Commons;
CC:Staff of the House of Commons; Members of the House of Lords; Parliamentary Staff;
SUBJECT:Nigel Evans MP

Dear colleagues,

For those not present in the chamber earlier today this email is to confirm the resignation of the Member of Parliament for the Ribble Valley as First Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means and his return to the backbench without seeking the Conservative Party whip. The honourable member's personal statement made after this week's session of Prime Minister's Questions will be available in Hansard shortly.

As was said in the chamber, Nigel has been an exemplary, competent, fair and good humoured member of the Speakership team. He is also a loyal and hugely valued Member of the House.

I trust that all honourable and right honourable members will keep in mind when considering passing comment on Nigel and his conduct that his case is sub judice and that due process must take place.


John Bercow
Speaker of the House of Commons

John Bercow MP
House of Commons
020 7219 6346