24 December 2012 @ 04:20 pm
*John rushes back from the Commons, starving. He knows the children will have eaten by now and that he’s missed dinner, so he’ll have to make do with whatever they’ve got in the fridge. By the time he gets back, John’s already planning a fry up. Upon opening the fridge door, however, it becomes clear that John will not be having any fried food.*


*They need to do the weekly shop – Sally’s been too caught up in the court case business to do it and John’s been up in the constituency, so there’s hardly anything in; a couple of eggs on the top shelf, some milk, a packet of “Turkey Ham” (whatever that is) and some cheese are the most appetising items in the fridge.*

*John sighs and picks up the “Turkey Ham”. He looks through the sauces – no cranberry. And it’s a sure bet that Sally forgot to order any when she did the Christmas shop online. He’ll have to fetch some while he thinks of it or they’ll have to go without on Christmas day and that simply will not do. He stuffs a slice of the turkey stuff into his mouth, then gets out his phone to call Peter’s mobile. With Sally out with her friends, John needs to ask someone what other little things they’ll need for Christmas lunch. Peter’s bound to know - besides, the man's going to be part of the day, he should have some sort of say in the menu.*

*John calls Peter’s mobile. It can’t connect.*

*Odd, thinks John. His phone is never normally switched off. John shrugs it off, assuming a dead battery. He tries the house phone instead. It can’t connect either.*

*John does not start worrying. The only reason attempts to get through to Peter’s house via the fireplace is to ask about Christmas food shopping, and not to check the other man is ok. He certainly doesn’t start to panic when the wards bounce him back onto his living room floor. Instead of worrying – he really does need help with this shopping list – he teleports over to Peter’s house and knocks on the door.*

Peter? Are you in?
02 December 2012 @ 11:22 am
*With Sally back on twitter John thinks it can only be a matter of time before they have to downsize again to pay for legal fees. He hopes her return with distract from the blasted Private Eye parody account but doesn't hold out much hope. Instead, he focuses on flicking through the property pages of the newspapers in an attempt to find a new, cheaper home, should they need it.*

*A large box of Roses chocolates is empty on the table next to him, the colourful wrappers strewn all over the floor. John reaches for the new box of Celebrations as he turns the page.*
15 November 2012 @ 05:44 pm
*John and the children are on their way to see Peter and The Machine. With Sally busy talking to her lawyer, it seemed like a good idea to get out of the house and let her sort things out by herself. With a letter due soon, the more preparation, the better. John would offer to help, but he's spending most of his free time trying to convince large swathes of the media and population that he's not "a bully" who is "interfering" and "forcing people out" at all.*

*With all that happening at home, a nice little trip to see The Machine would hopefully distract the children and tire them out so John and Sally can get back to saving their reputations - and jobs.*

*Peter is waiting for them when they arrive. Freddie, as usual, run to greet Uncle Peter, while Oliver attempts to act cool. Jemima, meanwhile, seems to be fascinated with some part or other of The Machine and John has to carry her away from the buttons.*

Hello, Peter.
19 October 2012 @ 09:29 am
*John flicks through the papers downstairs while he tries to drink his coffee.*

*Damn the Telegraph all the way to Hades! he thinks. That is not and has never been my intention...*

*He rubs his eyes.*

*The story doesn't seem to be going to far at the moment - and no one bar a few unconnected users on Twitter are calling for his resignation, according to Sally - but... it's expenses. It's the whole reason he got the job in the first place! If there's one issue above all he has to seen to be perfectly clear on, it's this.*

*He takes another sip of his drink.*

*He was only doing what he thought was right - the original Ipsa report included information that could have resulted in the general public discovering the home addresses of Members of Parliament, something which is illegal. He sent a request to Ipsa to have that very specific information redacted, not to have the whole report pulled! And now he's the one being named with expenses fiddling and a cover up when he'd done nothing wrong.*

*John sighs. There's only one thing for it...*

*He refolds the papers, picks up a bunch of painkillers and leaves his coffee on the side to head down to Peter's cell. He places The Telegraph on Peter's bed, the page with his name, expenses and broken promises open on Peter's lap.*

I need your help, Peter.
12 October 2012 @ 03:37 pm
*It's the charity swim tomorrow and as much as John tries to relax, he can't. With over £2500 of donations on his webpage already, he can't afford to mess this up. He contemplates going to another swim, getting in some last minute training, but decides against it; all the advice he has been given and actively sought out told him that would be the worst thing for him to do today.*

*John sighs. A healthy does of pasta and vegetables for dinner followed by an early night and then he would be ready. He just had to make it through the rest of today, preferably relaxing.*

*He thinks that, perhaps, his relaxing will be aided when Vince arrives. The other man is usually a calming and reassuring presence, and John hopes today will be no different. Midway through the conversation, however, Vince compliments Peter on his research and suggestions for alterations to the cure potion, a few of which Vince hadn't caught when doing him own assessment. John, confused, asked for more details. He discovers that the day before, Vince had received a number of pages from Peter suggesting better ways to achieve some of the potion's outcomes - something that, evidently, had taken Peter a great deal of researching to conclude.*

*Distracted for the rest of the conversation, John eventually says goodbye to Vince.*

*How in Merlin's name had Peter been able to do all that research? It was a question that needed answering and so John made his way to Peter's cell once more.*
05 September 2012 @ 05:52 am
*John awakens with a start. He hadn't slept well at all last night, falling asleep late and now waking up preposterously early. Next to him, Sally is fast asleep. Carefully, trying not to wake his wife, John climbs out of bed, puts on his slippers and makes his way to the kitchen to get himself a cup of coffee.*

*There is a strange, nagging feeling - like he's forgetting something incredibly important - gnawing away at the back of his mind as he pours boiling water over instant coffee granules. He looks around the kitchen as he stirs in his milk. Did he forget to load the dishwasher? No, the blinking lights show that it's already run. He catches sight of one of Freddie's drawings stuck to the fridge with magnets. No, the children go back to school tomorrow, not today. Had he missed an important birthday, perhaps? Checking the calendar would be a wise move, he decides, and makes his way over to the notice board.*

*Despite it being the 5th of September, the calendar still shows August. John snorts - it shows just how organised the Bercow household it. He flips the page over.*

*In bright red ink, a star surrounds the date with the letters "DEFRA DAY" almost carved into the page.*

*John nearly drops his drink and curses under his breath.*

*He puts the mug down on the kitchen counter and runs to the pile of paperwork he got from DEFRA for Peter's continued containment. Thankfully, there is a summary page at the top. He scans through it, realising he has far more to do that he first thought. How had he got so complacent about this?*

*John knew the answer - because the werewolf in question was someone he considered a friend. Impartiality, John, remember? He nearly kicked himself in frustration.*

*He rereads the summary. The final bits of paperwork - a timetable for any additional guardians looking after the wolf in the owners absence, for example - should be quick and easy enough to do.*

*The collar on the other hand...*

*John recalls how positively Peter reacted to it the first time. There isn't enough time between now and the inspection to convince him to wear it, he frets. He'll try and argue the regulations with the inspectors which will more than likely result in him being dragged away to be... to be...

*There was nothing else for it. Peter may hate him in the short term - and quite possibly the long term as well - but if Peter wanted to remain alive and out of the hands of the werewolf experimentation team, then John'll have to get the collar on him somehow.*

*John grabs the collar from its bag and heads through the fireplace to Peter's cell.*
31 August 2012 @ 02:43 pm

Text from 078## ######

I am not sure if my last message failed to get through, or if, perhaps, I did not make myself clear enough. As such, I will restate the message in language that is easier to understand...

Witches and Wizards of Westminster:

There is a werewolf in London. I repeat, there is a werewolf in London.

Meeting in Speaker's House as soon as possible. Get here now.

Is that clear enough, for you?


31 August 2012 @ 10:34 am
*John is woken by his phone buzzing next to his ear. Having had it switched off for most of the holiday, he is unused to the alarm and nearly falls out of bed. He checks the message. Peter's fine, it would seem, if a little grumpy, but interior decoration does that on occasion.*

*John stretches and tries not to wake Sally up as he gets out of bed. A cup of tea later and John is sitting, typing away at the laptop Sally left open and on - even in her sleep she can't stand her infernal gadgets being switched off - to get the day's news. He looks up what happened regarding the situation in Regent's Park the previous night.*

*The details are few and far between but John gets the gist of the story - a wolf (a giant one in some interpretations) attacked two people in the Park. Both are hospitalized and the outlook is bleak. John reads the details of the injuries. An expert on wild animal attacks he is not, but even to him the list of broken bones and bashed-in skulls seem too much for a lone wolf. A bear, perhaps, but not a wolf. Unless it was a very large wolf.*

A large wolf... a large wolf...

*Suddenly, a thought strikes him.*

No. No, it couldn't possibly... that's ridiculous, John. There haven't been wild werewolves in London for decades.

*John tries to put the thought to the back of his mind. He opens up the BBCNews website and a particular story grabs his interest.*

A fire? Most odd... I shall have to speak to Black Rod when I get back...

*Despite trying his best to ignore the growing feeling of unease by distracting himself with the news items of less immediate importance, John cannot resist testing his theory. A quick Google search shows him the phases of the moon. Tonight is the full moon. All of a sudden, things seem a lot more serious.*

Oh dear...

*He quickly grabs his phone and sends a text to every witch and wizard he has in his contact book.*

Text from 078## ######

Arriving back from holiday later today and request an urgent meeting with all magical folk in or able to get back to London this morning. Preliminary research has indicated the possibility of a lycanthropic outbreak in the city.


*The message sent, John hurriedly sets about packing his things away and getting ready to head back to London by himself. If there really is a werewolf running around London he doesn't want his family anywhere near the city.*
30 August 2012 @ 10:01 pm
Text from 078## ######


Sally says Twitter is abuzz with goings on in Regent's Park. Hope you're not involved and instead curled up with your latest plans to enslave the government.

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