20 August 2011 @ 05:10 pm
(Befuddle Invisible Sugar Changing Unwanted Interventionist Trick)

Method One: Chopsticks
Result: Far too tricky and biscuit-to-rice cake transmogrification very likely given tendency to drop biscuits and automatically try and stop it falling on the floor. Method unsuitable.

Method Two: Fork
Result: Easier than chopsticks but large pieces of biscuit result in rice cake. Small pieces too tricky to pick up and attempts to pierce biscuits with fork produce crumbs. Method unsuitable.

Method Three: Cereal
Result: Magic not fooled by presence of bowl and milk. A bowl full of soggy rice cakes is not biscuits. Method unsuitable.

Method Four: Sharing with children and tricking them into feeding me biscuits
Result: Jemima ate all the biscuits. Method unsuitable.

Method Five: Levitation

Result: Large pieces lead to rice cakes but once broken into small pieces with the rolling pin the problem is resolved. Method suitable.
Current Mood: satisfied