11 August 2013 @ 07:37 pm
Home at last after a very successful Parliamentary global outreach tour. I know that it has caused some controversy but I am confident that it has helped improve relations between Parliaments and people across the world.

On a side note, these rumours that I intend to stand aside for Mayor Johnson midway through the next Parliament so he can cause a leadership election in the Conservative Party, forcing the Prime Minister and the Chancellor out of their roles are totally unfounded. It is entirely for the Conservative Association of Buckingham to decide whomsoever they wish to select to fight for the Conservative Party at the by-election in 2017/18.
13 May 2013 @ 03:02 pm
Colleagues should be made aware that I am in the course of deliberating the pros and cons of selecting the particular amendment I know has been causing such a stir at the moment. Should it be selected, the debate would be held on Wednesday, whether or not the Prime Minister is there to participate in the proceedings.

I apologise for the delay, but personal matters have kept me rather busy at the moment.
31 March 2013 @ 05:46 pm
*It is the morning after the night before and John knows he should have a hangover (Peter visited in the evening, of course John should have a hangover) but as John blearily blinks at the light streaming in through the curtains, he feels a strange lack of pounding in his head. After a sip of water, he's almost fine. A little tired, but fine. How on earth did he manage to avoid a hangover?*

*And then the memories start to come back. The evening had started so well, but then... but then...*

*Slowly the rest of the evening comes back to him. Sally had come home and the night had continued (once Sally herself had gone and had a word with Jemima which, according to her reports later that evening, was much more successful than John's attempts). The Bercow adults had been determined to cheer Peter up. From what John remembers, they were quite successful.*

*It's then that John recalls why he's only very slightly hungover - on a trip to get another bottle, Sally had insisted he switch to water. There had been a bit of a disagreement but he'd been persuaded in the end and a compromised reached; one more glass then water for the rest of the night. If John's memory serves correctly, Peter had not been made to agree to such an arrangement.*

*A groan in the bed next to him pulls John's thoughts away from last night and to this morning. He bids Sally a good morning, which is met with the usual demand for coffee. John quietly goes downstairs, puts the kettle on to boil and bread in the toaster. Armed with a pint of water, he goes off in search of their guest. John remembers Peter falling asleep on the sofa, but can't remember moving him upstairs to a bed, so he checks the livingroom first.*
02 March 2013 @ 10:11 am
*John isn't hung over at all - he simply wakes with a headache and a sore throat. He's perfectly able to keep down breakfast, and even manages to not wince at the bright kitchen lights and music on the radio the children insist they listen to before heading to school. In fact, the only reason John takes a Pep-Up potion is because he knows he's got a busy day ahead of him. Nothing to do with last night's drinking with Peter.*

*Sitting down at his desk, John tries to recall what happened last night. The fuses appear to be fixed, though he's sure he and Peter couldn't have done that. There are leftover pizza boxes and a fair few beer bottles in the rubbish, but John can't remember tidying them away. The deck of cards in his top draw jogs John's memory. He gets out his phone and with a smug grin, sends a text.*

Text from 078## ######


How are you this morning?