30 June 2015 @ 01:20 pm
 *The saddest part about packing away Sally's things wasn't so much the removal of the items themselves, or the memories they had evoked as John carefully put them in the box, but the dawning realisation that Sally had all but moved out of her own accord quite a while ago. When he'd gone to empty her wardrobe he'd found it empty bar an old dress he knew she hadn't worn in years and a jacket she'd never really liked. All her favourite mugs were already in the Battersea flat, as were her DVDs. When John had met Sally in the car park to hand over a few final things, there hadn't been much more than a tennis racquet, a few old photos and a book she'd left behind.*

*Walking back through Speaker's House John thought that it hardly looked different. A little bare, perhaps, but not compared to the emptiness John usually recognised once the Christmas decorations came down every year. Finding one of Sally's odd socks in the wash was more strange than it was sad. He found an empty box and put it in cupboard in the hallway; in the unlikely event that he found anything else of Sally's, at least he'd have somewhere out of sight to put it.*

*He sat down in his chair with a cup of tea, musing. It was probably a mistake to unexpectedly drop in on the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism's meeting the previous evening but they seemed to take his comments in the spirit consciously intended. And the vultures of the press appear to have found another Westminster marriage falling apart to pick apart with glee.*

*Without thinking about it a great deal, he started to fiddle with his wedding ring. He found himself wondering if he should take it off. He dismissed the idea quickly - he was still married. If one is married, one wears one's wedding ring. To think otherwise is... well, it is disrespectful in the extreme. Besides, even if he did wish to remove it at any point, John's not sure he physically could; his physique has changed ever so slightly in the 13 years he and Sally had... have been married.*

*John take a sip of his tea and tries to move his thoughts on.*
24 April 2014 @ 09:14 am
*John had spotted the package on the table as he'd stumbled through the flat to get the morning's round of coffee. He'd glanced at it, curious, but upon hearing the yells from his wife for breakfast too decided that discovering the contents could wait a while. It didn't look dangerous, after all. The morning routine remained uninterrupted by the mysterious package and it wasn't until later that John even remembered it's existence. He put down the piece he was penning for a local newspaper and went to investigate. The parcel itself was simply a brown box with a note affixed to the top. John read it and smiled.*

Replacements for those destroyed in The Incident. -P

*Ah yes, The Incident. Ever since Peter had taken it upon himself to teach the children how to play Fireflies, the Bercow household had been subject to periodic test of the fire alarm among other inconveniences (John was sure that it was simply a coincidence that his most colourful ties also happened to be the most flammable). The most recent of these upsets had been The Incident.*

*While John was busy being ridiculed in the usual manner by Sally and Peter, the children had been dashing about, playing with what all adults had assumed to be harmless sparks of light. It transpired, however, that Freddie's grasp on charms was somewhat more advanced than even John had thought, and that the child had been experimenting with some of the finer points of the spell. As Sally began to tell Peter the story of John's latest failures, Freddie had flung a charm over the coffee table at his sister. The modifications he had made to the fireball had turned it from a nearly weightless ball of light to something much harder and more difficult to control. As a result, the more sold ball crashed into every object on the table, smashing the mugs and table decorations to piece and sending the pile of magazines flying in all directions. Thankfully the ball missed hitting anyone and embedded itself in a wall until Freddie's concentration was broken and it disappeared altogether.*

*Despite what he'd said at the time, John hadn't actually expected Peter to pay for replacements, certainly not after the way the other man had stormed through the fireplace and ignored all of John's attempts to get in contact with him. The gift was a nice surprise.*

*John opened the box and looked down at the three mugs staring back at him. There was no doubting for whom each mug was intended.*

*Rolling his eyes, John reached for his phone and then went to put the kettle on.*

Text from 078## ######


Thank you for the mug. I shall let you know how well it compares once the current test of its abilities has reached a conclusion.