21 February 2012 @ 08:07 am

*Somewhere in the distance, John can hear his wife laughing. Slowly the laughing gets louder and he can see flashes of light on the otherside of his eyelids.*
*Annoyed, buries his face closer into warmth next to him. The arm around his tightens and John smiles.*
*But the laughter and flashes do not stop. Groggily, John turns his head towards to the irritation and opens one eye*

Oh do kindly stop it, Sally.

*John returns to the warm body next to him. It is a full 30 seconds before he realises the person he's curdled up to isn't his wife.*
*Very carefully, to avoid startling the person next to him, John leans back until he can look at the face of the person he's spent the night with. By the time he has done so, the other person is staring back at him.*

...Good morning, Peter.

17 February 2012 @ 10:00 am

*Surrounded by packets of Jaffa Cakes and half-empty mugs of tea, Bercow - clad in a pink bathrobe with tea stains down the front - snores loudly, a red envelope with the word "Sally" written across it clutched in his hand*
*Bercow murmurs in his sleep and begins to turn restlessly until he sits bolt upright, fully awake*


*He looks around the room, but Sally isn't there - in Wales with the children visiting Paddy, he remembers. John falls back onto the bed and realises he's still holding the Valentine's Day card he didn't get to give his wife before he flew off to give speeches.*
*John picks up his phone and checks through Sally's Twitter feed then goes to put the kettle on. Without thinking, he slips the card into the pocket of his dressing gown and heads off to the kitchen area of the hotel room to make another pot.*