Sally is my wife not my chattel, appendage, or add-on!

If she does not wish to attend the funeral, she is at perfect liberty to decline the invitation. She is her own woman, makes her own decisions and they are not related to me in any way, shape or form.

The mere fact that I have to point this out yet again is proof that the media and politics as a whole still has a great deal to improve on when it comes to the way it portrays women.
02 December 2012 @ 11:22 am
*With Sally back on twitter John thinks it can only be a matter of time before they have to downsize again to pay for legal fees. He hopes her return with distract from the blasted Private Eye parody account but doesn't hold out much hope. Instead, he focuses on flicking through the property pages of the newspapers in an attempt to find a new, cheaper home, should they need it.*

*A large box of Roses chocolates is empty on the table next to him, the colourful wrappers strewn all over the floor. John reaches for the new box of Celebrations as he turns the page.*
28 March 2012 @ 08:03 pm
A few Tweets taken out of all possible context and proportion does not constitute a story, or at the very least it shouldn't; my wife and I are in total agreement on this point, I think you will find.
22 October 2011 @ 07:58 pm
My personal feelings have absolutely nothing to do with this and, as per usual, I will do what is in the interest of Parliament and the nation as a whole.

Be that as it may, certain other rumours are true to an extent, yet I will not have anything to do with them.

Why, Sally? Why?!?!?
12 August 2011 @ 07:36 pm
I will be going into hiding back on holiday for a while.

Why, Sally? Why?
05 August 2011 @ 09:09 am
As those of you that follow my wife on the Twitter-sphere-thing will no doubt be aware by now, the family and I are taking a short break in Devon this year. As such, I will be unable to be contacted until further notice. If anything of importance arises in my absence, feel free to leave a message and I will be sure to get back to you in as short a time as possible.

I would just like it noted that certain rumours about my wife and a particular television show or comments that she is giving 'serious' thought to such suggestions will not be classed as important and as such will not receive a timely reply.
12 June 2011 @ 12:53 pm
 Yes, Sally, I do remember Derek, but that's no reason for you to-

It was one piece in a publication I've only very recently described as a "sexist, racist, bigoted, co-

I'm more annoyed with the picture from the 2001 campaign to be perfectly frank, Sally, since I am sure that I asked for those to be-
I do believe everyone accepts that I and my views have changed significantly since my days in the Monda-

No, Sally, please don't do anything unwise.

Sally, step away from the computer.

No, Sally.


You didn't need to do that, Sally, it's not going to even remotely help anything. Just ignore him and he'll go away soon enough.
27 April 2011 @ 01:44 pm

I try and organise a nice evening out and you feel it pertinent to go and tell the world the identity of our babysitter? Why, Sally? Why?
25 April 2011 @ 10:06 am
To whom it may concern,

Please feel free to stop emailing me this image:

It was rather amusing the first time but it is getting rather boring now.

EDIT: Damn... they've found it.